An Excuse for Why I’m Not Posting That Much Anymore

I’m sorry (again) that I haven’t been posting that much, and I DO appreciate the people who look at my blog.  But you have to understand that, it’s SUMMER.  I’ve been on vacation, doing soccer camps, and hanging out with my friends.  I can’t ALWAYS be blogging.  I keep on thinking about my blog, but I’m just too lazy to get up and post.  Plus, I was undetermined because I thought that no one ever looks at my blog anymore, but I’ve gotten a couple encouraging comments.  I just wanted to tell you that it’s hard to keep  posting rapidly in the SUMMER.


Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I used to.  I got writer’s block, because I wasn’t sure what you blogviewers would like to see, but now I know the secret to blogging and how to get rid of writer’s block. 

It’s not that you only post the very best subjects, you also post what you want to post, because your viewers won’t really care about what you post about, it’s how you say it, or talk about it.  You should also try to find inspiration, too.  The last four comments have inspired me for new posts.

So, basically, sorry for not posting as much.

Research of the Day: Bananas!

Are you nuts for bananas?  Then you better read this interesting post, because the Research of the Day is bananas!

Bananas come in a variety of sizes and colors when ripe, including red, yellow, and purple.

Bananas are a great source of potassium!!!  One large banana, about 9 inches in length, has 602 mg of potassium!

Bananas are EXTREMELY healthy and is popular with athletes.

Bananas are the fourth largest fruit crop in the WORLD!

In Uganda, bananas are eaten so much that the word they use for food, matooke, means bananas, too.

In 2001, Britain recorded 300 incidents of injuries related to bananas.  Most of these involved people slipping on banana peels.

BANANAS ARE RADIOACTIVE!  It’s okay, though.  Your body can handle that small radioactivity inside the banana.

Alright, that’s it.  That is the research of the day.


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Why It’s Good To Live Near Death (Sometimes)

You might not understand my point of view in this, but I think (sometimes) it’s good to live near death.  Then, you understand how you’re so lucky to be alive.  You’re thankful and experience cautiousness.  You want to have some cautiousness, because if you don’t then you will risk your life a lot.  Therefore, maybe you don’t get how you could die with one little mistake, or because of the craziness of other people.  Don’t think I’m telling you what to do with your life, but that’s my warning.


I have a pet fish named Tin Can.  He is a Silver Barb.  I named him that because he is silver, like a tin can.  I’ve had him for (at least I think so,) two years.  Now he is about four inches long.  I also have two Fire-Bellied Toads named Marco and Polo.  Do you have any pets?  I think pets are great things to have for company, because they’re like imaginary friends, only real and alive.

Here is a video of Tin Can eating.

The Lightning Thief – Review

I’d say if you’re looking for a exciting, mythlogical, book, you should read The Lightning Thief.  The Lightning Thief is about a boy named Percy who has a mom who is a mortal and a father who is the Greek god Poseidon.  He finds out he has special powers at a special half-mortal-half-god camp made by the gods.  I won’t tell you the rest, but I think you should really read this book. 

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Italy, Here I Come!

Jumping jellyfish!  Leaping lizards!  I might go to Italy!  I am really excited now!  I’d like to see the cities and experience living in Europe.  It sounds like lots of fun.  They will have pizza, pasta, gondolas in canals, the famous colosseum in Rome, pizza, and lots of other interesting (and yummy) stuff.  I think it’ll be fun to compare and contrast Italy to America.  In Venice, we might get to ride in gondolas!

I can already smell it!  Yummm…

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Bene, basta così. Anche se non posso smettere di pensare di Italia, meglio cheandare adesso. Arrivederci!

P.S.: Try to translate that!

Commenter of the Week

The Commenter of this week is…

Jakob!  You can see his comment on my Mario post.  I really appreciated the comment.  You can also look at his blog at:

Will YOU be the next Commenter of the Week?

A New Competition…. ?

Today I will be announcing a new competition.  I call it the Commenter of the Week Nomination Competition.  Every week, I will choose a comment that I get to be the comment of the week, so comment soon, because I’ve already got a few people in mind for this week…  COMMENT PLEASE!  YOU COULD BE THE NEXT COMMENTER OF THE WEEK!